The Cartoon “Vintage social networking” of John Atkinson published on 3/31/2013 by Wrong Hands deals with the changing of communication.

On the picture you see the top of a desk witch stands against a wall. Items are on the table and above each is a word (i´ll mention in the bracket) with an arrow pointing at the items. Beginning left side of the desk you find a Picture frame with cat face (Imgur) and behind this is another frame with a woman and a man (Instagram) and a globe (foursquare). At its right side is a box with file cards (LinkedIn) below this is a written paper(WordPress) and post it labels (Twitter). In the middle of the desk is an address book (Facebook) an at the top of it is a cartoon showing a man with a thought bubble (reddit). Rightmost is a telephone (Skype) and downward you can find a scissor and cut up pictures (Tublr). At the wall is a bulletin board(Pinterest) and on the right a window showing the landscape (Youtube).

All these Items are standing for one social network page/program. The author wanted to show us how the things changed in the course of time (“vintage social networking”). Things we used to keep in touch with friends ex. a telephone, an address book or letters are now replaced by some applications from the internet like Facebook. Even educational elements (globe and the world outside) and familiar pictures and reminders are represented online.

The comic criticize the simplifying of our communication and wants to remember us of the life before the digital revolution.
I like this comic, because I think that the society relies to much on all these application. Imagine a complete breakdown off social networks…The people would be confused and in panic for guessing there will be no communication at all, because they would forgot the “vintage social networking”.